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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why is today not a day?

for October 24, 2009

Because it is unday.

The United Nations.

What can I say?

I had seen that painting, the one with the enormous Jesus knocking on the United Nations building.  If you have seen that one, what does it mean to you?

I have mixed feelings about the United Nations.  In the aftermath of World War II, anything is preferable to that.  Many nations have felt the UN has ignored their plight.  Some see the UN as the evil entity that has presided over controlled conflicts.  Politics is a dirty business.  However, if there was unanimity of opinions then we would never argue about anything let alone kill each for the reasons we do.

If you go to the UN's web site you will notice they do a lot of good work for people throughout the world.  If we are to think globally then there has to be a place for all nations to voice their views, share their resources, and somehow settle their differences.

It is not perfect because we are not perfect.  We are much better off with a UN than without it.  Without it there would be a free for all in this world.  The devastation on the scale of World War II would be on-going with even more people being killed than there are now.  As it is, there are too many people being killed all the time.

If I were to have A JOB, besides being Messiah who has averted two well predicted apocalypses does it not make sense I should be the leader of the UN?

From my perspective, we are 13 years behind schedule in making that happen.

Does anyone doubt my ability to be impartial?  How many of your views do you expect me to conform to?  I am not afraid of the task, the forum, or the publicity.  Not enough experience?

Is the present alternative better?  No one has offered me any position that would conflict with it.

The Catholic Church has not taken their King back.

So I am knocking at the door.

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