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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Another bizarre slice

by October 22, 2009

Just to give you another taste of how bizarre my life has been.

On June 30, 2006 I came up with another comedy concept, based on reality, that would include Nicole Scherzinger and me.  I called it "Coyote and the Girl."  This was because, for some reason Nicole thought of herself as "Ms. Coyote."  I made it clear to her there is one, and only one, Coyote.  That would be me and that she is just a silly girl compared to me.  And a shape-shifter girl, to boot.

While I attended 12-step meetings and slept in my car the last few months, there was a banner on a light post that had a drawing someone made of "The Coyote and the Girl."  It appears this artist made this piece out of pen and paper, but I never saw the original, so I am not sure of that.

Again, really insulting if you look at it from my perspective.

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