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Monday, November 15, 2010

I Cannot Resist

As of November 30, 2009

After what has happened this past weekend, the story everyone seems to be talking about, I have to tell you a quick story about my contact with . . . Gloria Allred.

A few years ago I was at the Friar's Club.  I was not a member, but I was there legitimately for a dinner function.  I saw Gloria Allred at the buffet line.  She was by herself and I thought I would say "hello" to her.  She is well known in town and, in part, well known for suing her way into the Friar's Club.

She did not acknowledge me, even though we made eye contact and I am sure she heard me. So, what did I take from that encounter?

Is Gloria Allred rude?
Was she suffering from low self-esteem that day?
Maybe she was having some physical problems?
Perhaps she had a lot on her mind that day?
Did I scare her speechless?
Was she defensive because I intimidated her?
Does she hate Jesus?

I really don't know what the real answer is.  She could have been a bit friendlier but she wasn't.  My impression at the time is she was just a really cold person, but with very little information, I cannot be sure.

I can say this for sure, I would not want to get near Gloria Allred again.  And since I have moved from Los Angeles is it highly unlikely I will run into Gloria Allred again.


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