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Sunday, November 14, 2010

The New Ones

Posted on November 23, 2009

I do have the divine right to establish these Commandments.  So many of you have been waiting for me to set things right.  You won't let me do it.  I cannot conform to your views of ME.  If I took everyone's suggestion of what I should be, I would have shriveled up and died a long time ago.  You do not know what I have been through nor where I have been.  You should conform to the correct views of me.  I posted this a long time ago on my web site ( which I said I would do on 6/30/2006 and did).  For those who have not seen it, here it is.

The New Commandments:

    Beginning with those that occurred in 1996, any attempt on my life will be met with the death penalty.
    People who steal my property will be punished.
    You will celebrate my birthday (June 18, 1963) as the birth of the Messiah, every year.
    The holidays of the Seven Seals which were defeated in 2006, the day my visions caught up with those that others showed me in pictures, the encounter with Muhammad, the night I commanded God's Finger in the sky, and my receipt of Glowing Beads will be new holidays of awe.
    Hunting animals into extinction is a crime against our Creator.

So where are we?  I have seen people are passionate about the last one.  They realize it goes all the way back to Genesis where God granted Adam, and mankind, stewardship over the animals.  People realize number five has it's roots in God's granting people that kind of dominion.  Attempts on my life have been numerous.  Without being able to stop them without people's help I was left to prophecy death and sickness on my enemies.  I have done this repeatedly, despite my reluctance to do so, because I have not been granted a time and place to put my enemies in their place.  This has put everyone else in peril and I suffer because of that.  In addition, the person responsible for the most frequent ones is MY SISTER, and I am still waiting for someone to stop her PERMANENTLY!

How long will we take until we are able to put the first two into practice?  I do not relish the type of combat I have been forced into day and night but it has been a matter of self-defense.  I have struggled to "get over" the assaults of the past but I keep receiving new ones all the time. 

The third is self-explanatory.

Since the fourth one is around Christmas time, the holidays need not be adjusted too drastically.

When is this going to end?  One way or another, very soon.

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