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Sunday, November 7, 2010

No Peace

from September 5, 2009

I sometimes have to exit the place. I thought "Tears of a Clown" was bad. Every time I hear Nicole sing "Tainted Love" at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf I either exit or tell people how Nicole used to stalk me. Slowly the world is waking up to what a psycho succubus curse she is. Thank you Interscope for making my life living Hell.

Rushakoff List, in case you are keeping score.

my sister
Jeanine Henriquez
Sarah Silverman
Paula Abdul
Neelam Vashi
Victoria Jacquez
Christina Aguilera
Natalie Portman
Denise Richards
Nicole Scherzinger

Did I forget anybody?

They all knew who I was but could not lift a finger for me. Avoided me. Ripped off my material. Got rich in my world. Cannot relate properly in person. Put my life at risk. Cannot do their job.


P.S.  You could dress me up, put John Paul II Noahide robes on me, wrap me up in the Rebbe's tefilin, put Saddam's Qur'an under my arm, and let me ride Yankel the armored donkey around Jerusalem and would not make a difference. In fact, you would only be making a bigger fool of me. You did not follow my instructions in time.

And you had so much time to plan this out. I am fed up with all of you. You just can't take back my suffering. I just don't want to Messiah this crazy world anymore.

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