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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Not Interested

on then on September 13, 2009

Sorry, ladies. It's over.

I'm not interested in you anymore.  I have lead a very monk-like existence for 13 years.  I have to wonder where have YOU been all this time?

There were so many chances all this time for you to get to know and love THE ONE MAN responsible for saving all the people, places and things you take for granted.

You have to be attracted to the Reaper or Spawn to want me.  Those are interesting images but horrifying in reality to consider.  For about the last two years I needed someone.  I have found out after all it hurts less to be alone.

Don't expect me to go here or there so someone can talk some trash to me.  I will not go here and there so someone can shoot me.  I have had more than enough of that and the wounds to prove it.  I'm not looking for it so don't put it out there.

Too late.  I am not looking to start a family.  I'm not interested in your ridiculous ideas about this and that.  I could not care less about what ails you.  I need my energy.  I will not waste it on you.  I have decided to get out of the healing business.

Save yourselves now.

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