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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Of Witchcraft and Bitchcraft

recorded September 11, 2009

Oh, well.

Two Queens? Hah!

I need them like another hole in the head.  I have trouble getting just one woman to act like she cares.  To feed me when I am hungry.

Would you marry someone who thought the way to your heart was to have sex with your enemies?  That the solution to every problem was "give him a blow job?"  No, of course not.

How about someone who does not ascribe to supporting the man in anyway.  Who when given an assignment comprehends why it must get done but does not want to know about the requisite details.  Who avoids you while you suffer and tells you she cannot do it.  What kind of reward does she deserve?

How about any others who think they are like these ladies but cannot be bothered to show up or call.  Who think you want to go along with their version of Jesus even they won't tell you what that is.  Unless you go to their concert or watch their movie.

I broke open Scripture and gave you bread.  I am not made of money.

So what are you good for?  I don't need someone who doesn't have time for me.  Who is interested in talking about the other guys in her mind.

You would understand help me helps the world.  Abusing me and starving me is the exact opposite of what I need.  Consult psychics?  They are my enemies, too.

My pain to too much to deal with for any mortal female.  Especially when they realize it has been females that are mostly responsible for turning me into what I am.


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