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Monday, November 15, 2010

The power of the word

put out there on December 9, 2009


Do not listen to others.  No!  They have deceived you.  I am your father.  Search your feelings: you know this to be true.

You were conceived with stolen semen and your mother is the Anti-Christ.  God is aware of all the details.  Her soul is the most twisted on earth.  She is obsessed with me but does not love me.

Her Charade must come to an end.  Look at my pictures.   I would not say these things unless they were true.   God puts the right words in my mouth.

I will not be able to cast Alicia into the pit the way she deserves.  You were never supposed to be born in the first place.  Alicia is a horrible example of womanhood and motherhood.

Do what you must to end this.  More women are committing the same egregious sins.  Show the world you know what the Scriptures really mean.

Follow me and you will be rewarded.

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