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Monday, November 15, 2010

Looking at the bright side

from December 9, 2009

As difficult as it might seem, I do try to look at the bright side.

When your family is dead, or is dead to you, it does make things easier in some ways.

There isn't much you have to do.  When the phone rings you know there is no real emergency.  You don't have to go out of your way for anybody.  You finally understand there is very little you can expect from anyone.  There are always many more people who are out to get you than willing to help you out because they have so much goodness in their heart.

People will always have some reason why they did not do something.  The world becomes a kaleidoscope of excuses.  You could be the most famous person that ever walked the face of the planet and most people will not recognize you in person.

People will rarely take responsibility for their actions.  People spend a lot of time pointing fingers.  Squeaky wheels get the grease.  Motivation becomes harder to find.  Talk is extremely cheap.

Being on your own can be liberating.  Just keep things small.  People might want to inform me that I'm responsible for my predicament but as long as I continue to laugh you off on the inside I can remain sane externally.

Are you having it rough?  Just make it a joke.  Or a song or a movie.

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