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Friday, November 5, 2010

R 13 - Another Version

overdue on August 13, 2009

I have disappeared at least thirteen times.  I have always reappeared where I left from: my bed.  I have disappeared for up to 12 hours at a time.  Sometimes, exactly 12 hours.

I say at least because these are the number of times I can recall where there WERE WITNESSES present.

First time was when I was a baby in my crib.  My parents went looking for me throughout the neighborhood.  Hours later, I reappeared in my crib.

The second occurred when I was around ten years old.  My parents were very concerned.  I used to make jokes about hiding and we used to go through this joke before I went to bed at night and I used to hide in a large bed box I had the the foot of my bed.  On this occasion they told me they looked for me and I wasn't in the box or anywhere in the vicinity.

The third time occurred when I was living in the house on the hill.  They went looking again.  Was I just sleep walking?  That would be a good theory if anyone had seen me walking around in my sleep which no one has ever seen me do.

The next five times occurred during my undergraduate years at Cal.  Four times while in the fraternity house.  Once while quarantined in Cowell Hospital with the chicken pox.  No one could vouch for my whereabouts and people who heard about them were wary of being around me.  It almost became second nature at the house; "You disappeared again last night."

Once while living with my buddy Matthew in Marina del Rey the first time around.

Once while living with Geoff in Studio City during 1995-96.

One time each when two of my girlfriends slept over (Abby Kesden and Jennifer Krouse) in the late 1980's.

Thirteenth time was while in Berkeley for a visit to see several of the people depicted in Heavy Metal Summer 2006 issue during the year after that.

It seems people want to get rid of me, huh? 

There must be others that want me more than any of you do.

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