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Friday, November 5, 2010

Soap Opera - Epic Disaster

online August 11, 2009


My Dad almost died on Sunday.  He collapsed because he cannot handle chemotherapy.  What went wrong here?  As of May 1st, 2007 he was supposed to become Head In A Jar and my sister was supposed to disappear and get cremated.  Neelam was supposed to become Medusa Head and Nicole taken out Eden's Crush style.

What has actually happened...

PCD are imploding.  Robin Antin's Female Empowerment/Whore Domination plan is setting the women's movement backwards.  Right thinking Hawaiians and Filipinos must be horrified.  Jimmy Iovine is publicly talking trash about Nicole and PCD.  Did you screw him too much or not enough?  I never attended those meetings so I do not know how they went down.  It all comes down to money, eh Nicole?  And I have more unauthorized children being raised by psychos without my permission.  No wonder I said it would all go downhill on June 30, 2006 if you screw this up.  See what happens when you defy the Messiah?

Crocs had to lay off a third of the company THAT SHOULD BE MINE!

Tila Tequila is only reinforcing negative stereotypes of homosexuals.  Perez Hilton is not really helping there, either.

Steve Fossett is still dead.  Wow, if only we could have avoided that tragedy.  I still stand by what I said; he and I could have been good friends under different circumstances.  His deep dirty secrets were not my business, but you made it my business, didn't you Cat Girl?

Waiting for Portman was a disaster because no one heard the part where I said it would not turn out well because we are not a compatible match and she is too busy for me anyway.  Denise Richards?  No freaking way!

Cyclone Nargis occurred the way Nicole's friends predicted but Aung is headed back to house arrest.  NO PROGRESS!  At least other world leaders are calling for her, and all other political prisoners release AS I DID OVER A YEAR AGO.  Jesus says, AIRSTRIKE ON THAN SHUE AND JUNTA BECAUSE DIPLOMACY HAS FAILED!  I don't want to hear about any face-saving gestures on his part.  That is all a load of nonsense-type Charade!

Two girls got caught in North Korea.  Kim Jung Il, if that is him at all, got a face-saving gesture out of that.  This means nothing to GOD, me and the millions that suffer in his country of the bizarre.  The US, Chinese, and others must make some serious plans for transition, because transition WILL TAKE PLACE.  I have already seen the unified Korean flag I described in 2006.

Neelam's native Persia (not India) is another catastrophe and it is not all Mahmoud's fault.  He could not have stuffed the ballot boxes himself, okay?  Sunni and Shia still killing each other.  Have you not seen the writing on the wall?  The signs in the air and on the ground?  Despite what the Persians are saying there is no way Mahmoud could have won a landslide; some of them admit this themselves.  Even some directors of Goldman Sachs are wary of investing there.  To make things worse hikers wandered across the border there, too.  What?  Are we looking to give Mahmoud or Khameini another face-saving gesture?  What is this shit?  We make deals based on people getting lost?

Rumors of a war brewing between Columbia and Venezuela. 

Super Storm Season 2009 is just beginning.

But we have seen Nicole on the beach and she looks hot.  She has manifested the "paddle me" joke from 2006.  That's just great, bitch.  Almost no one can tell your teeth and tits are fake.

Jack's new outside the box logo...IT'S PUUUUURRRRRFECT!

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