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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Shakira? Shakira!

blogged on August 24, 2009

Wow, what an ass!

If Shakira really cared about me she would have gotten off that ass of hers and helped.  Ever heard of Jesus?

Apparently . . . who knows.  I made several jokes about her in 2006; in the same phone call with Rosemary's Baby.  The Spanish speaking world should take notice.

Shakira is a she wolf?  Does a she wolf run away and avoid the he wolf? No, they run together.  Then again, Xtina apparently has to pick a fight with Fighter, because she is a heartless moron, a spoiled rotten diva, and a hypocrite.  Shakira must be gossiping and slowing down just enough for everyone else to divide some booty, but not for me.

It would have been great if Miss Booty showed up sometime after Lyme Disease.  Not wait about two years into the homeless Jesus chapter.

It should have occurred to her at some point she should have done something on her own, you know like, SHOW UP.  Are you beginning to realize almost all these celebutoads are meaningless to me?

Besides, I think Shakira sings "funny" anyways.

It is also more than a year since I put it out there for Ingrid Betancourt and she still isn't ready for Jesus.

What is wrong with you ladies?  Why in the world do you think I am supposed to go broke chasing after you, around the world, when YOU SHOULD BE SUBMITTING TO ME?  Do you even consider what it is like from my perspective?  Obviously not. 

You thought it was a good idea for my Mom to die because you did not want to deal with the "insufferable mother of the Messiah" as your Mother-in-law.  I will not get married because the last thing I need is a Mother-in-law.  Especially if she was born on the same day as my sister.  So screw you!

Allow me this analogy:  When you find a lost dog do you tell him "You don't belong here.  You need to get yourself to a shelter!"  That is the way you have treated me.

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