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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Disappearing Act - Sadness

added on August 24, 2009


Those of you who have been reading these blogs should understand why I am so disappointed in all of you.

I have been your last hope, hero of every faith and path, be all.  And I still have to go up to each and everyone one of you to help you as I suffer.  When was someone going to say, "I know you are Jesus Krishna.  What must I do to assist you?"

Why do people steal from me?  Why do people treat the Messiah like a fool?  Because this is the wicked generation.  In America, we are using the word wicked as a good thing.  Something so good it is "wicked good."  Sometimes I am amazed I can still communicate with people at all.

Something I mentioned on 6/30/06 was when my Mother died the rest of us divided up the property and the anguish associated with that.  I made particular mention of the enraged elephant my sister chose and elephant and child I chose.

Soon after TLC MESA ARIZONA threw me out for eating the muffins they served and I saved enough money to get back to the storage space I dug out that elephant.  The legs on the young elephant had broken off.

I took it outside and placed it on the concrete near the entry door.  Before I could throw it away, it disappeared.  Why do people steal my garbage?

Now do you understand why I destroyed the miracle necklaces?  People told me they did not want to see them, you did not do what I told you to do, and people were envious of my necklaces.

You did not deserve them anymore.

Maybe if ONE OF YOU GIRLS DID WHAT YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO DO ON TIME I would have kept them.  But you have chosen to ignore, deny, abuse, avoid, and spread lies.  At the same time people take my things, make statues, songs, movies, and still pretend I am not here?

I could not get some peace and quiet unless I obliterated them.  The chorus told me to.  You are not worthy.  Keep bowing before your "dioramas" while the flood approaches.


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