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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Warning for Satanists

created on August 26, 2009

Your time has come. Congratulations!

You have succeeded in protecting your queen, my sister Leora RocHELLe the Arielist Khomeini Kunt Tobias.  World devastation and anarchy are on its way.

I have sworn an oath to our Creator she will die.  She will soon die.  If you can get a piece of her from me before I collect her ashes you will win!

I am sure you will want her black BMW 3 series to put her clone in, which must come to life sometime in late April of 2020 to make your Super Ariel.  I'm sure you have the will and the technology to do this.


P.S. Using Rosemary, ugly version of Imelda Marcos shape shifter Khomeini Kunt is probably too dangerous.  Up to you.

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