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Friday, November 5, 2010

Shape-Shifter Fool of Judah

I had the strength to publish this on August 17, 2009

I have known there is a monster inside my Dad for a long time.

My Mom saw it once and wanted to know why.  I struggled to complete an explanation.  Then she wanted to know how to cover it up.  Someone made a picture once of Crazy Clown Jesus decapitating his Dad and gave it to Richard Lewellen to show me.  When was I supposed to do that stunt?  How can you kill something without anyone knowing?

Then the songs started pouring in, to remind me.  And bullets and bombs arrived as well.  When she offered me that bet I took it, too.  "You will use a weapon on him to make the monster come out." was what someone else believed.  I said that was not necessary.  My Mother did not use a weapon; the voice of the Messiah could call him out.  So I raised the stakes again.  Over two years ago I called that monster forth when I threw my pain back at him wrapped in money. 

I was not going to sell my Liberty; I was selling his.

I won the bet and lost my world as it came crashing down around me.  For me, winning has often meant losing.  I owned Nicole and her friends completely but they have refused to submit.  I am a man of my word.  The word and the power GOD reside within me.  Never bet with a woman, especially if she is a monster.  They are reluctant to submit and pay up.

The past two years I have been kicked to the curb, had doors slammed in my face, and been cut off at almost every turn.  The monster that raised me emerges or pretends not to be there.  Once it has been drawn out it cannot go back.  Amazingly, almost everyone that knew him never suspected it for years.

He treated me and my lunatic Khomeini sister as equals.  But he gave her more money.  Explain how that does not make him a fool.  He thought he knew better than my Mother and I.

Whether they show you their fangs or cry their crocodile tears every shape-shifting alien person is like that.  You think you can appease them but they will sneakily drag you down when least expect it.  There are many of them all around us and picking sides between them is to choose the lesser of evils.

Remember!  I have been the cure but the bad cells need to be removed in order for the good flesh to survive.

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