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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Some more words for Benedict XVI

posted on August 2, 2009

Hey, old man!

I have seen you traveling around the world like you are someone important.  You know who you remind of?  That's right, Nicole!

I treat you the same as all the girls out there.  If you cannot do something for me, ON TIME,  because you are unwilling or unable, or your BOYFRIEND is in the way, then I do not need you.  DO YOU UNDERSTAND?  This impossible failure to communicate is your fault.  The fish rots from the head down, remember?

I have still not forgotten about the flock.  They are my flock, not yours, impostor.  Why you are unable to get your sorry ass to me in a year is incomprehensible.

You should know by now I have been making appearances at different churches.  Ignacio from Argentina has seen me and he knows who I am.  If I have to take my church back priest by priest, I will. 

Need I remind you of what I said when I was a boy?  I am older and I do understand better.  Let us not keep the people waiting any longer.


Jesus Krishna

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