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Thursday, November 4, 2010

That was then, this is now

posted the first time July 27, 2009

(Note: still working on this post)

The title above does not refer to present now and 2000 year ago then. This is more a comparison between BIBLE CODE ONE END OF THE WORLD TIME (1996) and now AFTER BIBLE CODE TWO END OF THE WORLD (2006).

Then: Lived in friendly but often contentious house. Daily drama surrounding interaction amongst my family and friends and my roommate's family and friends. Small group of female disciples in dog park engaged in a daily discussion of any and all topics. Surreal and biblical dimension events occur on a regular basis.  Holy Spirit filled house to ensure roommate and I did not try to kill each other the night we both we ready to do so.

Now: Friends and family have made it clear I am on my own because I did not earn enough money and could not get the rich and famous to share with me. Girls still want me to chase them and humble myself before them because they cannot stand to look at it from my perspective. Enemies zero in on me, those that could have or would have or should have helped are unwilling or unable to find me. Family situation is more convoluted and excruciatingly painful than ever. Went out on a limb and cut it but there was no one there to catch me and I hit the ground.

Then: Explained to folks Messiah means SAVE THE WORLD, now!  But I said that in high school.  Almost one year until those girls noticed the black dot on my cheek or the mole on the corner of my mouth.

Now: People want something for nothing.  "Show me a miracle" seems to be the attitude. "Heal Me" and I will believe.  Lesson of my life: there's always some other guy.  Found the "grassroots campaign" doubting Thomas but it did not pay off at all.  You cannot undo the fact that all of you fall into the "too little, too late" spectrum.  You want to shut me up because I might frighten your children or spoil your fun today. 

Then: Right man at the right time.  Looked a lot more like the Jesus (33 years old) you might have been expecting.  Ecstatic and enthusiastic.  Fulfilled destiny and Holy Mission.  Knew world would go on despite world-wide pessimism.  Had not been shot point blank in the back and the ass yet. 
Kobe was nobody.

Now: Too old, not good looking enough to be Jesus.  Far too many attempts to kill and starve me.  Anger issues.  People think it is my fault I am the victim.  Predicted miracles and was a part of them within a year.  Still live in the "how much money you got?" world.  Depressed and despondent.  More intimidating than ever because I cannot not be Jesus anymore.  Convinced this has been a useless exercise. 
Los Angeles is not big enough for me and Kobe.

Then: The World Wide Web was something most people only heard rumors about.  Most people's reactions were it will pass like every other "fad."

Now: How did we live so long without it?

Then: Gave a Damn despite other people's skepticism.

Now: Really Don't Give a Damn unless you do.

Then: Relatively healthy after tough period of hospital stays.  Worst affliction was poison oak after levitating away from an enormous rattlesnake.  Better than grabbing the snake?

Now: While waiting for someone to care enough to help me out have gotten past, Lyme Disease, separated ribs, more gunfire stigmata, shoulder and knee damage, enlarged cysts, drug-resistant Staph and near loss of limb.  Realizing that each refusal makes acceptance that much more difficult.

Then: Convinced enough people that faith and belief by the sufficient number of people could do enough to achieve the impossible.

Now:  Acutely aware of my own limitations and all of yours.

Then: Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

Now: The Longer You Take, The Worse It Gets.

Then: Completely underestimated the degree of alien influence on the genetic makeup of life on earth.

Now: Post Genesis Chapter 6, verse 4 update: "We are the aliens."

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