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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Messiah of Morris Avenue

posted on July 25, 2009

Since I am basically stranded looking for at least ONE FRIEND that might actually help me besides making lame videos, horrible albums, and avoiding me after I HELP them, I thought I might check this book out.

It was written in 2006.  I could classify it as a tightly based on my life novel.  If you put my words from 1996 on, and especially those from June 30, 2006 in a blender you could get this novel.  But it is really well written.

Synopsis: The story is a thinly-veiled indictment of American politics, the Bush Administration, and big religion in America.  At the same time the real Jesus is out there, explaining the Bible, performing miracles, people believe in him and he doesn't ask for money.

For me, this book is incredibly humorous.  The details that reflect my life are uncannily accurate and the Jesus in the book, his name is Jose Francisco Kennedy, and some of what he needs to express to people are exactly the way I would put it.  There are also some important differences.  There is a plot to get rid of him.  The book is not nearly as scary as my life is.  It barely touches some of the really bizarre parts of the real world we live in.  However, as a book study and beginning point for discussion of God, myself, and how society views us it is brilliant. 

The dialogue in the book flows well and I found it very readable.  I am somewhat flattered that the author and the fictitious writer who chronicles the sorry of this "JFK" are powerfully swayed by him.  I am thankful they did not make Jesus a woman for this book.  It completely omits any reference to the changes in Scripture during my lifetime that have occurred all over the world.  It makes no mention of shape-shifters or aliens or extremists outside of American Christianity except for noting the color of the irises of one person besides the fictitious Jesus. 

This would make a great movie.  I would not pay money to see it.

On a side note, I have also been going over Computer: Monster or Messiah? in another library.  This book was written in 1980 and cites many references to earlier books on mechanization and technology.  It has accurately described how we have become diminished more than enhanced by these machines.  Very prophetic, in it's own sense.  In a very insightful passage it mentions how these machines can help or hurt us when THERE ARE TOO MANY PEOPLE ALL OVER THE PLACE.  And that was more than two billion people ago.

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