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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Valid Questions

put together on July 25, 2009

If Jesus showers does Holy Water go down the drain?

If Jesus were alive today would he join the Catholic Church?

If Jesus went along with a stupid bitch conspiracy should Xtina tell him what to do?

If Jesus farts does that increase or decrease global warming?

If Jesus heals you can doctors and insurance companies sue him for loss of income?

If you are afflicted by God because of how you treated Jesus who has jurisdiction over that case?

If Leonard Nimoy and other people can protect use of their image can Jesus do the same thing or are we all allowed to use Jesus the way we want to?

If your prayers are not answered can you blame Jesus?

Do you think Jesus would wash the feet of different world leaders or should they wash his feet?

Is Jesus' image public domain or is the public Jesus' domain?

If prostitution is the world's oldest paying profession would Jesus employ whores as spies?

If the Hindu nation believes Jesus Krishna is a LIVING GOD why are they unwilling or unable to approach him and his glowing beads for decades?

If Jesus, the word made flesh, is threatening to YOUR FORM OF CHRISTIANITY, is that Jesus' fault?

If Rosemary's Baby makes people do evil things does that make Baby Jesus cry?

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