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Sunday, November 7, 2010

What If?

and this was necessary On September 6, 2009

What if Beyonce Knowles was shot in the face and somehow survived, like I did?

What if you tried to blow up Beyonce's car while she was in it like you did to mine?

What if you shot Beyonce point blank in the back and the ass like what Kamil did to me the night he killed Biggie?

What if you took all of Beyonce's money, property and credit away?

What if Beyonce lost her voice?

Would you still go to her concerts?

Would she still get to appear on magazine covers?

Would she still appear on billboards, buses, and web advertising sites?

Would you still listen to what she had to say about things, even if she wasn't so pretty anymore?

Really?  I don't know about that.

Beyonce was more concerned about Neelam Vashi.  Z wanted me to get rid of Kamil so he could get a piece of Neelam.  And Beyonce knew that.  So what did Beyonce do for me? 


I would be perfectly happy if I never saw Beyonce again. 

I forgot to ask you Neelam, "Is your Mom available?"

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