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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Woe to Israel. Masada has fallen.

reserved for September 5, 2009

I tried to explain this to people at Chabad in 2007. At my apartment I had a large photo of Masada above my altar. I invited the young men who were there to visit me. None of them tried to come by.

Masada has been down for almost two years. I do not know where it is anymore. Can you find it? Why did you ignore my invitation? Why do you act like you don't know me? What makes you think I care about Masada if you do not care about me?  Have they disappeared like my tools did?

You were supposed to send Victoria at that time or make sure Leora died soon. You did neither. Blame yourselves.

Shame on you.

When did you forget to kill Khomeini?  Back in the day folks used to print up targets with Khomeini's face on it.  This was appropriate because he was God's enemy.  But then you lost your way and you forgot to kill Khomeini.  You forgot to trust me.  You forgot to love me.  You thought I was here to do everything for you. 

Disconnect the dead prime minister from life support. If he believes in me and Hashem and it is Hashem's will that he lives, then he will.

Show me how much you believe. Disconnect him.


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