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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Why Me? Why Now?

posted originally on November 16, 2009

First, you must stop resisting.  I am the Messiah.  Accept it.  Recognize I have been telling the truth.  Then we can get into a constructive conversation as to "why me?" and "why now?" and the rest of it...

People have many different perspectives on this.  I am aware that according to many people's calculations I was "not due" for several hundred years.  I do not believe I had any say as to exactly when I was born.  It seems to me that events precipitated my birth.  God sent me here when He decided it was time for my return; just as He decreed my birth in a previous time.

On June 30, 2006 I stated that, in my view, the most important event that precipitated my birth in this lifetime was the "unleashing of the atom."  I was born just 18 years after the first use of the atomic bomb in combat and the resulting nuclear arms build up around the world, also known as the Cold War.  My role has been to "save the world."  That people around the world had devised and manufactured the means to destroy the world several times over necessitated my birth.

Today, I would like to mention that there were other events that seemed to herald my birth.  One is:

I was born the DAY AFTER this case was decided.  In this long and very important US Supreme Court Case "prayers were banned from public schools."  This was, and still is, a controversial issue.  This was an important case that hinged on First and Fourteenth Amendment issues.  The court decided this case 8 - 1.  Opponents were angry that "God was being driven out of our schools."  And then I was born.

Since then there have been many cases that have been very similar.  I admit to sensing some irony that the day after "God and religion was removed from American public schools" that I was born.

As a former law student, who developed a strong affinity for the work of Justice Brennan, I believe his concurrence is one of the finest pieces of legal work that the US Supreme Court produced in a long time. 

However, it does seem to me that in the time since then, public schools have been hostile to God and religion as a result of the "way things" have gone since then.  Is God a dirty word?  Are all religions "bad?"  Are we required to leave all mention of God out of our schools in order not to offend anyone?  What place do Christmas Carols have then?  Atheists would have all mentions of God removed or at least critically denounced.

But as I have stated, the atheists are fundamentally wrong about everything...

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