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Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's not the call, it's the execution

thoughts on November 18, 2009

No one ever said you have to punt on fourth down.  Ask the Redskins.

I have no issue with Bill Belichick's call.

1. The Colts had the momentum at home.  You try your best to win, especially on the road in that situation.  Convert, run out the clock, keep the ball out of Peyton's hands completely.

2. The old football rule of thumb is if two receivers are that close together, one of them ran the wrong pattern.  Moss and Faulk were in the same area a few yards apart heading for the sideline.

3. You should be able to gain TWO YARDS if your team needs them to win.

4. Even if Kevin was not supposed to be there, he caught the ball up high. If he catches it cleanly he would have (?) had forward progress enough for the first down.

So Faulk doesn't catch it cleanly enough to be granted forward progress for a first down and you blame Coach Belichick for that?

Not the way I see it.

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