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Sunday, November 14, 2010

According to Sarah Palin

placed November 19, 2009

She claims that Margaret Thatcher said something along the lines that things said are best done by men and things done are best done by women.

Could you pass the message from Jesus that in my experience that is completely false.  A funny piece of fiction. Like there is a chance for you in 2012.

Tell Maggie, Jesus needs her to kill a bunch of people to settle God's books and I bet Maggie does nothing.  Remind her I think the British should have eliminated Hitler during the Falklands conflict.

Women are like mercenaries: good at wasting my time, doing nothing until it is too late, preferring other guys for the wrong reasons, and costing me everything.

But they like to argue with me endlessly so I suppose there's some entertainment value there.

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