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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Xtina, Time Is Running Out

this was posted on July 7, 2009

You slut!

Are you listening to the advice of shape-shifters, homosexuals, and Slimy Combs?  What have you done with my son?

Do you remember being a Christian?  If so, then you would have gone to worship someplace where there would have been a few images OF A MAN that at least vaguely resembles ME!  Did you forget that when your manager convinced you to convert to Judaism and marry him?

Did you forget Raleigh?  Why would you jeopardize THE WORLD with your self-centered ridiculous ineptitude?  This not a joke, you wench.

You want to scavenge my bones, don't you, don't you?  I thought Nicole learned about the arts from you.  Is she your teacher?  I am appalled you cannot think this through at all.  I have given you so much time.  What a complete waste of a miracle.  Do you ever think about everyone else's children?  Look at the boy.

When power egg meets super sperm?  What was that supposed to mean?

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