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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Goddess Worship

posted July 8, 2009

Why has Goddess worship been suppressed?

Because IT IS WRONG!

God is male.  Father and King.

The devil is female.
The devil is female.
The devil is female.

A group of people in Iraq were killed recently that worshiped a pretty winged thing.  Muslims know this to be a form of Satanism, no mater how much you clean her up.

If God were female would she make ONE MAN THE MESSIAH?  No, of course not.  The Messiah would be a woman in her image.

There is no way a woman could be as courageous, to the point of ridiculousness, as I have been.

Just accept it.  STOP ARGUING.  Muhammad visited a man.  The black dot appeared on a man's cheek.  A man's eyes went from brown to hazel.  A man said Bibles would change after explaining why they had changed already.  A man made the glowing beads necklaces.  The bullshit since July 1, 2007 has all occurred because you still resist me.

Think about it.  You have only proven me right and yourselves wrong.  It is stupid to keep going just so you get the last word in.

GOD DOES NOT JUST CHANGE HIS MIND.  Stop saying you are me or Him.  He is still waiting for me to make a Medusa head out of Neelam Vashi and I have less patience than ever.

Trying to rehabilitate or reform her is NOT IN THE PLAN.

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