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Monday, November 1, 2010

Xtina's scorecard

also from the blog on June 27, 2009

Bottom Line: That girl in Oakland was right. I have been TOO available to you. You clearly do not give a damn about me or else you would have attempted to talk to me instead of tease and taunt me.

Buy Ozzie house - check
Act like a silly ho on Ellen's show - check
Release disc with YOU looking like a crucified clown on it - check

Avoiding me - terrible

Going on Ellen's show and saying you were breast feeding my son - terrible. I clearly stated 6/30/06 women with breast implants should NOT BREAST FEED!

Either way I am furious. If you breast fed my child you put his health at risk. If you lied then you misled too many people.

Naming my child without consulting me - terrible.

Max is a lame Hollyweird name. I do not approve. - terrible.

Not letting me see him - terrible.

Trying to get rid of me - terrible. What makes you think scared up Jesus is going to get very far with any lady given my track record and that I would forget about MY SON and how other ladies did everything wrong with MY OFFSPRING? You obviously take me for a fool!

Waiting too long - terrible. I did not have to get evicted and wait for almost 3 years for all of Nicole's bad predictions to curse my life.

People knew where I was. You cannot pick up a phone? The advertisements you make have phones, but you cannot call me? How dare you defy me and God?

You cannot find me in Mesa or Thousand Oaks or Oxnard or living in my car in Los Angles? You are absolutely ridiculous. God and I do not care about your celebrity status one bit.

You are not worthy. You cannot do anything right. How dare you rob me and my son of the relationship I earned?

As God is my witness, I will not let him be raised amongst hypocrites and people who follow the twisted Gay Agenda. Are you attempting to reach anti-Christ status?

Congratulations, you've done it.

I curse you. I curse you. I curse you.


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