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Monday, November 1, 2010

Who are you

which was posted June 27, 2009

Wil, I just have to laugh when I see all you celebutards, and I consider you one of them along with Perez and all the others, collaborating, singing, squabbling, talking, gossiping, and making videos.  I know the teenage girls get off on this stuff.  It's all to feed the endless hunger of the vain slut goddess I call "the business."  Why do so many of you feel compelled to do what the homosexuals tell you to do?  Is it because so many of you spend all your time surrounded by homosexuals?  Perhaps...

NickHo seemed to think you are some kind of Cyrano character.  Commercials try to compare you to Bob Dylan.  Can you please explain to me why I should chase you down, or spend any of my precious time or money on your recorded material?  What separates you from Timbaland, or Snoop?  I can't even trust Snoop so why should I give a damn about you?  I went to school with Lenny Kravitz and apparently he doesn't give a shit.  Explain to the rest of the world why I should?

Songs about girls?  Hmmm.

Did you hear the part of my conversation in 2006 where SickHo said she wanted my shape-shifting Dad's eyeballs as a talisman to wear around her shape-shifting neck?  Please let the Kiss of Death know that my Dad is very ill now.  Time is running out.  Perhaps she can get together with the other Gangsta Bitch, and show up outside his door like they did to me back in 2006.  Medusa Head said she wanted to meet my Dad, she won't have many more opportunities.  It should take one, maybe two blowjobs tops, to get past security.  It seems I will have to be around to help wrap up his estate soon.  And the problem of my sister still needs to be taken care of, right?

Tell her I do not know what to say about some of the strange weather that has hit Louisville lately.  Perhaps if she can stop squabbling with the other Pussycats, borrow some more money from Lewis Hamilton, use the power of a few more well placed blow jobs, she can get her wish.  Of course, she can cover up some more of her crimes with more blowjobs since what she puts in her mouth is more important to her that what comes out of it anyways, so no biggie.


I wonder if she has the ability to relieve the pressure in the San Andreas fault because I do not plan on being there when the real big one destroys Hollywood as we know it.

Buh Bye.

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