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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You will be missed

offered on December 21, 2009

Rest in peace Ayatollah Montazeri.

Your passing is a great loss.  Your wisdom and understanding was a gift from God and your guidance was a beacon of Islam.  I was pleased when I read that a white turban was appropriately placed above you.

I assure your family and friends he will arrive in the Land of the Martyrs.   God understands the difficulty of attempting to cooperate with the lunatic Khomeini, the Haman worse than the first.  He will witness what has happened there, as I have, where Saddam eventually consumed Ruhollah.  Where Ruhollah is punished for brain washing the multitudes with his horrible lies.   Where all his secret plots were revealed.  Where it is known he had more in common with Hitler than Muhammad.

You served God, his Scriptures, and your people with honor, integrity, and dignity dear friend Montazeri.   May your memory serve as an example for all true believers throughout the world.

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