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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Addiction Reality Check

relevant to all on September 1, 2009

I still am not convinced there will be a magic pill to cure the disease of addiction.  EVEN IF YOU ARE CLEAN BECAUSE OF A GOOD PROGRAM AND WILL POWER AND DETERMINATION, you are still an addict.  Recently Kelly Osborne said as much.  Good for her.  She has that much figured out.  People in touch with reality and who are honest know she is telling the truth.  I remember trying to explain that to my ex-girlfriend.  It was like talking to a wall.  It amazes me, but does not surprise me how many millions of people need to keep learning these, as well as other, life lessons.

I take no pleasure in reporting that at the coffee shop I have been spending most of my time at lately, while waiting for my Dad to die, and not sleeping in my car because no one gives a shit about me, there was a classic LA scene.

(You do need God to help keep you sober.  But you need at least one other person for it to be a twelve-step meeting.  Jesus can help keep you sober.)

It took me a few minutes to notice the car parked in front with the engine running.  I could see part of someone's head.  By the time the manager and I looked at what was going on several people had walked past.  The woman behind the wheel of the black Audi had passed out after taking a bite of a cinnamon roll.  We both looked at her and attempted to get her attention.  Shorty thereafter, she awoke.

It was Tawny Kitaen.

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