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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Some New Age Bullshit

and I added this blog on August 31, 2009

On another web site there is a very cute looking girl who wanted to discuss some issues she is having with increased crystal energies affecting her body and vision.  I submitted the following response:


By looking at your picture, it appears you are Pussycat People. I would want to see you in person to be sure.

Sensations in your eyes are important. Do your irises change color frequently? This would be a sure fire way of determining if you are a shape-shifter, like my Dad or Nicole Scherzinger.

Do your teeth change shape? This would also be an indicator of shape-shifter-ness. Nicole had her teeth removed at an early age to deal with the issue of shape-changing, shape-shifter teeth.

My dad had polio at an early age and his teeth became fangs permanently. People have been fooled by his mouthful of caps.

It just seemed to me you had the tell-tale, mouth like a wedge, so I just assumed for the moment you are a shape-shifter. Blaming changes on energies outside your body is a convenient, but inaccurate method of describing what is unusual about yourself.


Jesus Krishna

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