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Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's Just A Question

posted August 31, 2009

There is such a thing as an insulting question.  A question that can make someone so angry that they react in a really bad way.  To respond "It's just a question" does not excuse the intent of the statement.  It can be especially cruel depending on who asks the question.

There are plenty of school children that have heard these things.  Kids can be very cruel without understanding how bad they can be.  One that a lot of people might be familiar with is "Does your mother know you're gay?"  It assumes the person the question is directed to is a homosexual and should inform their mother.  Whether the intended respondent is or is not homosexual, the intent of the question is to embarrass the person.

Let me tell you about one question, just a question, that just about drove me completely insane.  I had recently moved to Marina Harbor, and since I had some issues with my apartment I thought I would go talk to Neelam Vashi, the leasing agent whom I negotiated the lease with, about some of these issues.

In one of these Charades I would call telephone confessions, which can involve phones, walkie talkies, or other listening devices I can tell she is using the speaker phone in her office before she asks me:

"Why did Tupak Shakur want you killed?"

I flipped out on her.  And there are several reasons I did so, justifiably.

But let us stop, and take a time out here.  Why was I so mad about that?

1. It is really "easy" to blame everything that has gone wrong for a decade on someone else, especially someone who has been dead for a decade, and has a reputation for living a violent gangsta life.  Everyone gets off easy if we blame everything on Tupak.

2. Tupak had been dead for six months when her boyfriend kills Chris Wallace and shoots me.  Tupak was not there in March of 1997.  What ever Tupak's "instructions" are he did not give Kamil the gun in person.  He did not tell Kamil what to do right before it went down.  And so on...

3. She completely forgets that before Tupak got involved Kamil's parents wanted me killed.  There have been a lot of other people that have wanted me killed.  My sister and Ruhollah Khomeini were taking their shots even before Tupak got involved in some way.

4. It completely ignores what she has done, who she knew, what answers she could give me, let alone the police in 1997, if she told the truth with any regularity, and all the other things that have happened since 1995.

But because we have screwed this story beyond recognition I supposed you are, in fact, living in her world.  The world of head in a box, Medusa head, believe what you want to believe and ignore the truth.

I do not blame Adam and Eve and I do not blame Solomon.  I blame all of you that ruined things for me in this lifetime.  How do you like that?

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