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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Disaster vs Disaster

added on January 17, 2010

Care to follow this comparison?

Nicole's friends wanted to make it sound like I was going to predict Cyclone Nargis.  On June 30, 2006 I was packing to move.  I had no intention of predicting any more death and disasters but after being provoked enough by my enemy, you got an earthquake in Haiti.

Nargis: Known by Nicole and her friends years before.

Haiti: I predicted years before.

Nargis: Made worse by Than Shue (Buddhist Hitler) by refusing aid and repackaging what was received.

Haiti: Aid is arriving and despite the difficulty, being coordinated by different entities.

Nargis: Difficult to obtain information because it is a closed society like North Korea.

Haiti: Much information, assistance, and reporting are being encouraged.

Nargis: Human Rights catastrophe for 20 years in this country mostly kept out of public eye.

Haiti: Decades of suffering that people are aware of.

Nargis: Impoverished public suits needs of disgusting dictator.

Haiti: Impoverished public suits the needs of nobody.

Nargis: Killing people within the borders is his way of doing things.   Nature helped his plans.

Haiti: Systemic problems have been difficult to address.   Nature has consistently worked against the people.

Both are incredibly sad.

Solution in Haiti? Difficulty to say.

Solution in Burma? Regime change.

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