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Monday, November 8, 2010

Don't Take It Too Hard

posted September 15, 2009


It looks like there was a last surprise. I will receive less of my shape-shifter Dad's carcass than expected.  This revelation is not really unheard of but just an interesting twist.

I asked my Dad in June, when he told me he was going to begin treatment, if things were in place and if there were any changes.  He told me everything was exactly the same.  He either did not understand the question or lied.  Such is the case for shape-shifters even my Dad.

I am glad I mentioned his fangs in my eulogy (my last speech?).  People were stunned afterward, but what can I say?  They were fooled by someone who deceived himself.

There is less to share that I did not intend to share anyway.  Maybe all of you should have thought this through much better A LONG TIME AGO.

God is great.
God is our Everliving King.
Submit to God.
Get yourself right with Him every day you have left.
I am just biding my time.

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