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Monday, November 8, 2010

Legal Precedent

posted September 14, 2009

If there is a legal precedent about someone winning the rights to something someone else invented does that mean you SHOULD go after it?

If you are Maxine Sonnenburg then the answer was YES.

Because there was a rather strange case where a landlord won the rights to a tenant's invention, Maxine set her sights on D 336,800, my patent for the remote controller caddy.  It seemed the whole world became obsessed with this thing.  I knew there was a much bigger picture to consider.

Thank God, for all of your sakes, that I did not listen to everyone's advice when I got it to move out right away of the house on Canton Drive.  I might not have saved all of you when I did.  But most people were focused on whether I might keep the patent on the caddy. 

Maxine did her best to force this issue.  She wanted it.  She tried to pressure me into a business partnership and if not, she would go ahead anyway.  Really pathetic, don't you think?  She didn't have enough going on in her life; she had to steal from me. 

Maxine, you have never been more than a sick blood-sucker to me.  Remember I told you that if you persisted that both your parents would be dead in a year, and they both died.

I do not expect you to rear your ugly head now that my parents are gone.  In the big picture, you should have had a holy accident a long time ago.  But I suppose losing your parents was enough of proof of my ability to prophesy against my enemies.

I really don't need to hear much other crap from anyone else.  Had you followed my instructions we would be much better off.  Unwilling or unable to help me is rather lame.  I had taken the chance on people with far fewer credentials than myself.  You are not worthy of helping me?  That might be the most accurate way of describing it.

But as I have recently learned, my Dad has really screwed me over in the last year of his life, by deceiving me and himself at the same time. 

Shape-shifters are so sad.

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