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Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Thirst - The Fountainhead

copied from the August 8, 2009

Do you remember that one?

Go back to 2007.

What can I say?  There was water but people could not get to it.

Back then, all that was needed was a truce, a temporary respite from the fighting to get a large underground lake tapped so that people could have clean water to drink.  All that was needed was a bit of peace to provide clean water for people in Darfur.  Unfortunately, the fighting prevented those who had the money, supplies, and know-how, to put everything in place to save peoples lives.

This looks like a job for the Messiah!

After the nonsense in Raleigh and traveling back through the cloud tube to LAX I got off the plane and hit the ground with a spike of my fist.

A large storm, shaped like a lion's paw, struck Africa right after that.  People in Africa understand what a sign from above, a sign from GOD is, and a truce was called and soon thereafter, wells were dug, and people that did not have clean water now have it.

All I did was spike the ground.

Does that make me GOD?

Or is Jesus Krishna something more than that?

People of Africa, I wish I could have helped you sooner, but my enemies have been all around me and disciples have avoided me for over a decade.  Bad things happen to me for a reason, too.

There are limits to my power and my patience.  Drink your water with light hearts and know I made it possible.

You are most welcome.

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