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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sikhs Are Worthless

overdue on August 9, 2009

Let me explain.


I remember going out with Turakian Bitch back in 2004.  I obviously understood that YOUR faith would be fascinated with the woman that could have, would have, should have been MY QUEEN.  A birthmark that looks like a dagger must have been fascinating to all of you.  She must have told you how I passed HER test, on me, in bed.

You are worthless.  Your ceremonial daggers are worthless.  I will not even bother reading your Scripture because it is of no value to me.  What you should have done is stab my sister 23 times in the back for or with Victoria.  But you did not.

Explain to me why you did not follow the instructions of Jesus Krishna, master of Victoria?  I cannot hear you.

Incompetence.  Negligence.  Failure.  Malfeasance. 

All you had to do was eliminate Jesus Krishna's worst enemy.  Any other SBK's were irrelevant because they would never be a part of my family.  You either did not think or thought about it too much.  Did you get distracted?  Perhaps you have an agenda I am not aware of.  Maybe you were busy masturbating like everyone else does in this masturbatory world that now has USB powered sex toys that have shattered the definition of Adultery.  Jesus, 2,000 years ago, told you about the high standard of conduct there should be for what constitutes Adultery.  In the 21st Century, people can literally have sex over the Internet.  I struggle to even explain what Adultery is at all anymore.  My words have been Adulterated by Christians in their various New Testament versions.  Perhaps you should have just followed my instructions as I told you to do them before you allowed a serial Adulteress to interfere.  Hindsight is 20-20.

What I should do is take every one of your ceremonial daggers, CUT YOUR PENISES OFF WITH THEM, Shiva-style, and put an end to all of Sikhism because you have proven yourselves to not be worthy of existing in the world of Jesus Krishna.

Don't like that?  Did YOU make the book of Daniel shorter all over the world?  Are you Benjamin, the Messiah, T'Challah the Panther, or the RAVENOUS WOLF? 

It's a free country!  ROFLMAO
P.S. It would not surprise me one bit if you thought of me as what you see on the outside: a homeless, stinky Jew with a funky car.

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