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Thursday, November 4, 2010

UFO sighting

reported August 9, 2009

Report from Portland, Oregon.

Last night, at approximately 9:55 PM I saw an Unidentified Flying Object. I am familiar with these types of things. As I said, unidentified.

I have seen lights in the sky that are divine in nature. I have also seen strange clouds and I know what meteors are. This one seemed different.

As I sat in my car, before I went to sleep, I saw something travel in the sky in the space between trees. It was a bright light, like an incandescent bulb, and it did not dissipate or break up. It is possible it did so out of view. I did see one similar that did dissipate about a week and a half ago. This was fairly low in the sky and seemed to move faster than a helicopter or airplane.

The one I saw last night did not look like a meteor to me. Did anyone else see something in the sky at that time?

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