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Friday, November 19, 2010

Jesus is coming in 2012?

contributed on January 13, 2010


People please wake up!

I find it so incredibly funny when I look for Jesus videos on the web and how many people are predicting I will return, fall out of the sky perhaps, in 2012 or sometime thereafter.

I was born in 1963.  You have had all the clues right under your noses in Bibles that were edited, divinely I must add, since 1996.  And people still think I am going to drop out of the Heavens in 2012?  Am I going to be with the aliens or against them? 

How about helping me out NOW.  Tell all these "looking for Jesus" people that you have already found me!

God is NOT impressed with this bizarre level of ignorance.  Help me clear it up!

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