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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Looks Like Cat People

I posted this one July 9, 2009

I turn on the TV or surf the net and it just seems like cat people, cat people, cat people.

The little bitch that killed Steve McNair and shot herself looks very cat people to me.  This story is all too familiar.  When are we gong to realize we have a big problem with the CAT PEOPLE?  Lusty, of course.  Adulterers who think they will marry their lovers when they get divorced.  And when jilted, murderers.  Maybe we should not give CAT PEOPLE guns.

In 2004, I went out on my birthday with my girlfriend.  She was part of an acrobatic troupe that put on a show in Hollywood.  It was a great show, but at some point I began to wonder why she was not in any of the shows the groups she was a part of performed.  I could chalk it up to bad luck and injuries but there was at least a slightly suspicious connection here.

Anyway, at the time I did not think much about it and was happy when we were together at these shows.  I remember walking her back to my Jeep and holding the door for her as I let her in.  As I was doing this I rubbed my temple as it felt there was a bug of some kind that touched me.  A day or so later I had another one of those wounds, a bullet hole stigmata on my right temple.  It came back each year after that.

There were plenty of reasons I DID NOT GET INTO THE LIMOUSINES on June 17, 2007.  I said I would not and the wound on my right temple had gotten very large.  Just another bullet I have taken for all of you. I also want to point out to kids and others not to get into strange cars if you are not expecting them.  I have had enough adventure in my life already.  Fill in the blank or fill the void would be the best way of describing the June 17, 2007 fiasco.  But that was the day you were supposed to execute Kenji, remember?  And you didn't.

Don't expect me to care when you do nothing correctly. 

Mistake, upon mistake, upon mistake.

Too late to apologize.

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