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Sunday, December 12, 2010

And it's selling for $2.99 at Borders

Article posted in mid-June of this year

For a decade, Christina Aguilera has been one of the most lucrative and popular pop artists on the scene, her albums always selling like crazy, while her singles almost constantly lingered in the top positions of the charts. Sadly, this is not the case with her “Bionic” album, which moved a little over 100,000 copies in the US, as Toya’z

(Last I heard it had not gotten much past 200,000.  j/k)

Weeks before the official release of “Bionic,” word got out that Christina would not be able to make a splashing comeback as she would have wanted. Her first single, “Not Myself Tonight” was universally panned by both critics and fans – and, to make matters even worse, the entire album leaked days within the official release. This was followed by a series of criticism in the media, together with serious backlash from the blogger community. The results of all that are obvious in the more than lackluster sales.

“We’ve known this for the past week that Christina Aguilera’s new album ‘Bionic’ was going to flop horribly and now it’s official. According to Hits Daily Double, the album has only pulled in a dismal 111, 838 units. It also validates the daunting fact that this is the lowest first week sales in her 10-year music career. This report pretty much mirrors the one Toya’z World posted yesterday regarding her lackluster album sales in the UK,” the aforementioned music blog writes.

The causes for the failure are many, from Christina avoiding the media to her cancellation of the tour, which was the closest thing to admitting defeat, it is being said. “I think Christina’s problem is that unlike her contemporaries, her sound has not been very consistent over the years. So, in that aspect, her supporters have become somewhat alienated by her mishmash approach to music. The talent is there but I’m just not hearing good things about ‘Bionic.’ No, I still have not heard it but I trust my sources and can bet my bottom dollar that it’s nowhere near as good as ‘Stripped’ (I’m going by the songs that I HAVE heard so far). It’s too bad but every artist has at least one unsuccessful / lukewarm-received album in their career. The biggest challenge now is how she plans to pick herself back up again,” Toya’z World further writes, hinting a shimmer of hope may still exist.

ust for the sake of comparison, Christina’s “Back to Basics” moved an impressive 346,000 copies in its first week. “Bionic” pales in comparison to that, even in a context in which sales of CDs are down.

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