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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Do I look like an asshole?

Blog entry for September 10, 2010

Dear readers.  Try to wrap your brain around this one.

The real assholes in this world tried to convince me this was going to happen, back in 1996.  They thought they could convince me I was going to live happily ever after on an island.  They showed me a bunch of drawings and pictures of THIS place:

I think this place looks like an asshole.  A place where a bunch of assholes would live.  They must think I am an asshole and that I would go along with this plan even though I told them to do a lot of OTHER things.  Would you go along with being a prisoner on this asshole of an island after everything goes wrong?  Why the fuck should I?

You know, maybe.  Maybe if you took me there a few years ago instead of treating me like such an asshole for so many years.  Letting the guy who killed my friend and shot me point blank in the back in ass go so he could crawl up my ass off and on for a decade.  Turn the other way as shape shifter bitch did not much else but harass me and then think I would just "magically" find my way there.  This plan sucked from the beginning and you never told me when and where to go, but played stupid charades with me for way too long.

You can take this asshole island idea and shove it.  I don't want to go.  I will not be treated like a prisoner, especially at this late a date.  I would rather die.  What makes you think I believe in this bullshit now?  I didn't back in 1996.  You still did not eliminate all the people I told you had to be eliminated.  How dare you treat me like your pawn.

If there is still anyone out there that thought I would still go along with this ridiculous plan, then I want to say in no uncertain terms:

Go Fuck Yourselves!

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