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Monday, December 13, 2010

Some things to mention

shared August 24, 2010

It has been eleven months since I arrived in my new hometown...

Here are a few things I would like to mention:

Mimi Tann has successfully taken my Dad's estate.  I was left with a portion of a Trust Fund that was supposed to send me monthly income, according to my interpretation of my shape-shifter Daddy's wishes, once a month since November of last year.  So far I have received two payments.  There is a growing stack of documents that I am waiting to receive because there is so much going on behind my back that the document stack keeps growing.  It hardly needs mentioning that I am splitting this income with my sister because the world (especially attorneys) sees no difference between me and her.  That is essentially putting Jesus and Ruhollah Khomeini on equal terms.  How could you all be so lame?

I am slowing down the pace of making movies for YouTube.  I have pretty much said all I want to say in these videos.  Not many people are watching them as the views clearly indicate.  I have also noticed that a number of people who posted very insightful videos about who the really bad people are in this world have had their videos removed and have had their accounts suspended.  Although I am not aware of all the surrounding circumstances for these events, I still find it very disheartening.

I will continue my blogging activity but probably at a reduced level as well since they seem to get very little reaction.  I suppose that has to do with the fact not very many people are reading them.

I plan to spend more time fixing up things around here that need fixing and getting ready for the next level, as it were.  After spending so much of my life doing what little I can to save the world it has clearly become me against the world.  From my point of view I am winning as I have survived what no one else could possibly survive and I clearly see what most of humanity is missing or denying.

So many clues, so many proofs of me being here and doing all I could have done and essentially being ignored. 

You can't say I didn't try...

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