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Friday, December 17, 2010

Remember, I had nothing to do with this.

Everyone who really knows me knows I have working most of my adult life in the networking field.  I am not a programmer. You have absolutely no proof that I described such a virus in a phone call with Nicole Scherzinger on June 30, 2006 or at any other time.  I am very security-conscious and very anti-virus.  However, if I did design this monstrosity, there would have to be a reference to Ester included.  I admire the creativity here, for sure. 

Why would someone like me, a flat-broke, chain-smoking bum loser be associated with some bizarre kind of cyber-warfare?  It makes no sense.  I would be rewarded, rather than targeted, if I had anything to do with leaving the Revolutionary Guard's nuclear program with a few kilos of crap.

Sorry, Mahmoud.  The whole tunneling idea was vulnerable to some kind of plot.  Such is the will of Allah, who is the ultimate plotter.

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