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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Book of the Messiah - Chapter Unknown

revealed on July 13, 2010

This is the testimony of Benjamin Howard Tobias, who is also known as Jesus Krishna, Reaper Jesus, Shiva, the Lighter, the Lantern, The Right Hand of God, and the Hero of Every Faith and Path. In the year 2009, after I had commanded God's Finger in the Sky, received Muhammad, the Glowing Beads necklaces were strung and made to glow and Bibles all over the world changed as I said they would, I was made homeless because people do not know how to treat me and they did not understand the Warnings and the Commandments of the Messiah.  This should not be surprising to anyone because, as I had been trying to explain to people in the past few years; 

What part of “Thou Shalt Not Steal” do you not understand?

I was living in and out of my car and a storage space in the City of Angels, the misnomer of biblical proportions, when Our Creator summoned me and I was overcome by visions. I had not made any progress in securing a new place to live, and thus, was living on top of my property in the storage space. As I was finally able to position my couch horizontally, upon which my Saintly Mother had breathed some of her last breaths, and closed my eyes, I was summoned by God once more.

Within moments, I saw the wondrous vision of a lamp. The lamp appeared inside my eyelids and it was as real and as present as if I had placed it on the ground in front of myself. The lamp was made of the purest and clearest glass. It had many interconnected chambers and resembled a Klein's Bottle. The lamp was placed in a cave and the innermost chamber was filled with oil and was aflame. The light shone brightly within the multi-chambered lamp and I could see the distinct fingers of flame within the inner chamber. Flickering light reflected off of the many inner and outer surfaces and it gave a warm glow to the cave the lamp appeared in. I understood that I was being summoned by God for a very important message. No matter how much I might have wanted to avert my gaze I was compelled to look at the lamp and the message that followed. I understood that the complexity of the message to follow was as important as any of the messages God had given me since He placed a black dot on my cheek the night I asked Him to reveal to me the purpose of being the Messiah.

What followed the message of the lamp was astonishing and compelling. I saw the Face of God in profile, the wondrous face looked like a grey cloudy formation. I recognized this figure as being very similar to depictions of the Galactic Center, the region of the galaxy our planet is approaching in the year 2012. To the right of the profile figure were many distinct, small, red and blue entities that were extremely thin and minute. At first, the entities were very still and integrated with each other. The red ones and the blue ones were not kept apart, they were not over-lapping, and they were pointed in many directions. Then, as I was able to ascertain that, I could see dozens of them in the space before the profile, they began to shudder and quiver. And then, soon after I saw them begin to shake, they were inhaled by the profile. The large profile did not distinguish between red or blue; it inhaled all of them. The entities were not able to resist the inhaling force and they were all taken in by the profile and the profile absorbed all of them by inhaling them.

I, Benjamin, who is Jesus the Messiah, First and the Last, was overcome by distress when I saw this. I was certain that the Lord our God was prepared to extinguish all of you. He was telling me He was exasperated with your conflicts, your resistance, your insolence, your refusal to acknowledge all that He and I have accomplished for the inhabitants of this world. He was angry none you had revealed to the world the night I Commanded His finger, the night He sent Muhammad to see me, the miracle of the Glowing Beads, the numerous changes to Scripture He has brought to pass all over the world. You have been looking for The End instead of assisting me who averted The End.  He is furious that you have ignored Him and have been unable to recognize me properly. In the instant that I saw the inhaling I knew the end of this world was inevitable. I understood that I, Benjamin who has been your Savior all of these years, needed to prepare myself for the Final Judgment.

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