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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Laughable on a Personal Level

added September 5, 2010

What do you call someone who does not know male from female and who has children out of wedlock?

A great big, wonderful, beautiful star!

Padma Lakshmi

On April 17, 2004, in New York City, Lakshmi married the novelist Salman Rushdie, to whom she was introduced at a party in 1999 hosted by the journalist and editor Tina Brown.[2] On July 2, 2007, the couple filed for divorce.[13] She is the model for one of the central characters — and love interests — in Rushdie's novel Fury (a novel dedicated to her as well).
When questioned about Rushdie's age (he is only seven years younger than her father) and her long estrangement from her father (whom she has described as "the most sexy, manic, in-shape, lean, tall, handsome man I have ever met"), Lakshmi has said that there may be a correlation: “I think that we are attracted to what we feel we need."
On October 1, 2009, after years of struggling with a gynecological medical illness known as endometriosis, a condition which causes irregularities in the uterus and has been known to cause infertility, Lakshmi confirmed that she was pregnant. [14] On February 20, 2010, Lakshmi gave birth to a baby girl named Krishna Thea Lakshmi. [15] According to The Times of India her daughter's father is Adam Dell.[16]
Lakshmi was brought up as a vegetarian[17] and has admitted that because of this, she sometimes becomes "squeamish" when sampling other cultural delicacies.[18] However, in 2009, she starred in a television advertisement created by Mendelsohn Zien Advertising for the Carl's Jr restaurant chain eating a Western Bacon Cheeseburger and in her second cookbook Tangy, Tart, Hot and Sweet she credits the chain with bringing her away from vegetarianism during her teenage years.[19]

Notice she got a rich guy to impregnate her; do you think she expected him to marry her?  Of course the whole idea of naming a girl KRISHNA is astoundingly ridiculous; would you name your daughter JESUS?  But since we are at a point where gender confusion is the NORM in the WICKED world we live in, let's all stand up and clap for this fool.  She is a stunning example of how we celebrate people for doing things completely wrong and support her.

I suppose there are many people know who go around thinking KRISHNA was female because this DUNCE named her girl after GOD in MALE FORM.

But she's so pretty!

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