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Friday, December 10, 2010

For Tomorrow

from June 28, 2010  

If you are EVIL, tomorrow is a great day.  Nicole, the curse of Deuteronomy and Revelations' birthday.  The day your Savior has faced and cheated Death several times.

If you are crazy about me, you are hoping I don't die tomorrow.  I have been asking God to take me away tomorrow, once and for all, so we will see.

Tomorrow is the 32nd anniversary of the Portuguese Man O' War incident.
It is the 20th anniversary of the Accident on Fountain; why the Messiah needed his knee reconstructed.

And it is the 4th anniversary (less one day) of the Megaphone where I predicted many things that came to pass and the Accident on Santa Monica that SHE warned me about.

Plus many other events I have blocked out.

If I live a new video, a YouTube friends tribute, will go LIVE!

Isn't it exciting?

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