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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Scary, yet commonplace

added on September 6, 2010

Today I want to mention something that happened just last week.

I have been living (I supposed stranded is a better term) in this town for almost a year.  There are a few people that I am fond of and I go to certain places where I expect to see them.  Almost none of them ask me to make appointments with them.  A few have moved on or moved out.  From the selfish perspective, they have heard all I needed to tell them.  They have, in their own way, taken these conversations we have had and decided to put them into actions and some have decided this place is not for them to stay in.  In one way, I am grateful they lent me their ears and decided to do something about what we talked about.  I admit that, in a few cases, I miss seeing them around.

There is someone else, whom I will not identify by name, that I like quite a bit.  No, it's not like that.  He is a bit less than half my age.  He also has very little and has a bit of a sad story about his home life.  He has that, you know by now, tell-tale mouth like a...


He went out of town for a bit and when he came back he was in a very good mood.  The change of scenery seemed to do him a bit of good.  Most everyone was very happy to see him.  This young man and I have had several conversations alone, just the two of us, and in many ways I consider him a "brother in circumstance."

As we sat at the table outside I noticed something about him.  Someone else also noticed this but made only a slightly vague verbal reference to it.  My friend had a great big smile on his face and his eyes seemed to be sparkling.  As I looked closer his right eye seemed to have a slight slit in it.  I have noticed this in other people I know; there was a slightly translucent black vertical line through the iris that intersected the pupil.

There are many people that have never noticed such a thing.  There are some who have seen this in people and it has scared them immensely.  It's the type of event that changes their lives and their perception of the world around them forever.

In the last three or four years I have witnessed things like this all the time.  It really doesn't phase me at all.  This young man is very friendly to me and I do not feel threatened by his presence.  But if you think I might be making this up then you are wrong.

I did not mention this to him.  People's irises seem to be changing all the time all around me.  You really must been fooling yourself if you have not noticed this phenomena before.

Wake up, folks.  These types of people are all around us.

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