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Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Horror of the Spanish Speaking World

shared July 20, 2010
The Spanish Speaking Coffin for "who knows" how many about to die

This blog is dedicated to explaining the horror of being part of the Spanish speaking world.  There have been many sins over the years, but I am not going to over that very long list.  This is to reference all of the most egregious ones that have occurred during, and connected to, this lifetime.

Begin with Argentina, for giving safe harbor to Adolf Hitler.  You needed me to eliminate him.  This was my destiny.  His escape and life in Argentina is the worst cover up of all time.  What could have been people's motivation been here?

Gloria of Barcelona.  The real queen of the Messiah.   The mid-twenties woman who essentially made the worst decision conceivable.  Could not follow or accept me, even though some might tell you we were "twin souls."  After doing all I could to include her in the saving of the world the first time, and averting Bible Code I end of all, she turned me down.  The classic example of the spoiled little girls who wanted things both ways.  Is she the real Turning Point God explained to me in the Messianic Dream that resulted in a black dot on my cheek?  She chose Death over me.

Sylvia Leivers La Estupida. This woman allowed David Adefeso to break rules and would not evict him when property policy dictated she should have evicted him.  He got away with an assault (if not attempted murder).  Ella que no puede decir Villarigosa befriended Nicole Ninja Prostitute, and allowed Kamil Beale (who murdered Biggie Smalls) access throughout the building.  This numbskull Jehovah's Witness flirted with me.  You cannot just write off all of it to ignorance.  Stupidity played a big role.  She did not raise her daughters properly, especially the one who cheated on her boyfriend with Kamil Beale.  I would add that Jehovah's Witnesses are ridiculous as a whole and have avoided changes in Scripture and reduce Holy Scriptures to a religion of pamphlets.  They should be talking about these changes that the Holy Spirit has brought about, not persist in rewriting the Bible themselves.

Victoria Jaquez.  A nasty, broken, selfish, wench poseur.  Would not do tasks I assigned her, complained about being fat, who needed, but resisted, my assistance.  Cared more about appearances.  Accused me of doing many things wrong, including lying about everything, did not reveal knowledge of anything I had done right.   Another ridiculous child at the age of twenty five.

The rest of the corrupt and evil Los Angeles.  So many have me hung around their necks but will not do anything as I say.  Always seem to be asking me for money and have been envious of what I have.  Have only reinforced the stereotypes of being lazy, stupid, greedy, and violent.

El Salvador.  Country named after me.  Ignored works of Holy Spirit, very select few thought I would marry a girl from there about half my age.  She is a shape-shifter.  "nuff said."

Who can forget Brazil?  Apparently a large mansion WAS awaiting me there.  People from there gave Nicole and her friends access to it for making the video "Lie About Us."

Xtina. You know how I feel about this spoiled-rotten diva-hypocrite.

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