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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Singling Out the Chosen People

I write this with a heavy heart.  This post is directed at Jews.  I was born Jewish, raised Jewish, and have practiced Judaism my entire life.  I have always been Jewish and always will be.  This post is not directed at Goyim (Jewish term for non-Jews) but might apply to you if you understand it.  It is not intended to fuel hatred towards Jews but to make important points clear to everyone.  At one point in 2006, I told someone, to tell someone else who was opposed to Jews to, “Leave them alone.  These are my people; leave them to me.”

The reason I have decided to write this post is to clarify some very important topics for people all over the world.  There have been so many misunderstandings over the years and it is my daunting task with this composition to cut through much of that.  There have been countless accusations and lies spread throughout history.  Much has been covered up and avoided.  I will attempt to not make this as much about me or historical arguments against Jews, but about what mistakes have been made during my lifetime.

I believe most people know what a Jew is.  I want to be clear here that I am not taking about Zionists.  For a long time, the term Zionist has been misused by many people and is now mostly a derogatory word that has an evil connotation.  Zion was always intended to be associated with holy.  That Zionism has become an epithet associated with unholy acts is one of the most unfortunate realities in the history of faith.  Despite the Zionist heritage of my family, I distinguish between Judaism and Zionism.  This post is direct at Jews.

I reject the notion that Judaism's importance has to do with culture or ethnicity.  Judaism is, and can only be, the practice of the Jewish religion.  Having grown up amongst Jews and encountered Jews from all over the world I can tell you what a "real Jew" is.  A Jew understands Judaism.  A Jew understands the role that prophets play in their faith.  A Jew believes in all miracles recorded in Scriptures.  A Jew knows and believes in God, the Most High, who lives forever with all his heart, with all his soul and with all his strength.

A person who calls himself Jewish but cannot be bothered to go to a synagogue even twelve times a year to observe the Sabbath with other Jews is not really a Jew.  A Jew that prays even less frequently than that, but says he feels Jewish just by eating a corned beef sandwich in a delicatessen is not a Jew.  A Jew who believes he can fulfill his obligation to Hashem all on one day, cannot be a Jew.  A Jew that feels Jewish when near Jerusalem, but not on the other side of the world is not a Jew.  A Jew that cannot pass a simple test on the events or commandments in the Torah (Five Books of Moses) is not a Jew.  A Jew who's most significant credentials for being Jewish is knowing a lot of Jewish jokes, is not really a Jew.  A person who only identifies as a Jew when he gets offended any time someone else makes an anti-Semitic remark, is not really a Jew.  A Jew that uses the Torah as a tarot deck is not a Jew.

A Jew believes in Hashem unequivocally.  A Jew believes Hashem gave the commandments in the Torah to Moshe.  A Jew understand the important role David played in Jewish history.  A Jew understands the lessons to be learned from studying the Prophets and Writings.  A Jew understands that “Chosen-ness” is a combination of privilege and responsibility.  A Jew respects those whose knowledge supersedes theirs.  A Jew understands that in Hashem's plan, prophets are more important than rabbis.  A Jew understands the vital importance of prayer, repentance and charity.  A Jew understands the difference between right and wrong.  A Jew knows the imperative of doing right all the time.  A Jew cannot blame someone else for all of their bad behavior.  A Jew rejects all attempts to scientifically explain away Hashem, the words of the prophets, and miraculous events recorded in Scriptures.

Here is where Judaism has gone wrong and rejected Hashem and His instructions during my lifetime.

Judaism has repeated invoked the name of Hashem and begged Him to send me.  You have argued with me, ignored me, offered me alternatives to my commands and then not delivered.  Hashem has not been remote all these years; He has witnessed all of it and it is you that has turned your blind eye toward Him.  That you have extolled the virtues of the Silvermans, Portmans, and Johanssons of this world over mine has been especially disgusting to us.

The first clue you received, almost thirty years ago, was when words and strokes in our Scriptures changed the first time.  Those of you who are intimately familiar with what I am talking about know this was in regard to ownership of Gaza.  Hashem was making it very clear to you who Moschiach is.  But you rejected my interpretation.  To be perfectly frank, despite the tenuously conceivable argument that my urgent recommendation might make things worse, I truly cannot conceive of anything worse that what has taken place there over the years.  Interminable suffering, atrocities, tunneling, launching, striking, blockading and perhaps the lowest quality of life anywhere on the planet.  I dare you to even attempt to persuade me why you understood what to do there better than I did.  Considering this miraculous change in Scripture took place while I slept in the same room Hashem gave me my mission, changed the color of my eyes, and used me to eliminate my enemies in Philadelphia I can easily conclude Hashem and I saw things the same way and your inability to accept that has been an egregious error on your part.

Despite your reluctance to adhere to the things I stated over the years you have had more than adequate chance to do things as I have said, on Hashem's behalf.  You have repeatedly refused to submit, refused to do as I have said, clung to the old way of doing things, invent new ways of breaking the oldest commandments, and always seemed to ask me the wrong questions.  The only things I am aware of over the years where you have done as I have said is where and how to go about destroying a nuclear reactor in the Muslim world.  That is nothing to be proud of.  Messiah was not supposed to be a secret-agent proposition.  Being ben-Yoseph is what you have imposed upon me.  For these and following reasons, I tell you unequivocally that I will not defend you.  You lost me a long time ago.

You have needed me far more than you could have possibly realized.  I was warned before 1981 what was in store in the mid-1990's; well before anyone tried to “decode” Hashem's laws.  That I was cast aside for a decade after we accomplished what He set out for me to do has been nothing short of reprehensible.  In 1997, the first of many chapters from everyone's Book of Daniel was miraculously removed.  You did nothing.  How is it possible you did not make note of it?  If you really had the intelligence you credit yourselves with, if you truly understood that it is also your mission to be the "light of God's words" then you would have testified loudly and openly to this glorious event.  The rest of the world, especially those who insist mankind created Hashem, would have been forced to acknowledge Him.  But you remained silent.

Since then the Book of Daniel, everyone's Book of Daniel, has essentially been cut in half.  How is it possible you could overlook such a thing?  Did you not notice the difference?  No scientific explanation can even approach describing it.  What about the incidental tables of contents changing, pages re-numbering, and the indexes that were revised?  Can you explain why so many of you have been all but oblivious to His works?  All prophets have told you what an egregious offense it is to ignore the verifiable works of our Lord.  They must not be denied. And yet, as a whole, that is exactly what you have been doing for decades.

While the Book of Daniel was being edited all over the world by Hashem, He also removed all the chapters that referenced the evil rulers from the tribe of Benjamin.  This should have also been noted for the information contained in this miracle.  The absence of something does mean something.  How could you expect me, or anyone else, to explain it to you if you could not recognize it?  I cannot accept there were more important tasks for you to accomplish.  You should have known whom to seek out by that time.

Some time after that, Hashem did something I understood to be even more extreme.  He altered the Torah, specifically at Genesis chapter 49, verse 27.  He revised the words that came out of Yaakov's mouth about his son Benjamin.  It should have been obvious to anyone that there was a connection to the changes I just mentioned previously.  Benjamin and offspring of Benjamin.  It should have occurred to you that there must be someone named Benjamin who could provide an answer to all of this Holy activity.  I lived so close and was listed.  I heard from no one.  By now you should realize the most appropriate way you should refer to me is "Binyamin Maakavi Shel Elohai Elohim."  To me, you are the stiff-necked offspring of Yaakov because you have not taken proper note of what Hashem was saying, even through Yaakov's mouth.  You are mostly defiant, as opposed to being agreeable.  You have fulfilled the words of so many prophets that described your inability to accept the words of the men Moshe prophesied about in Deuteronomy 18.  You are more like Korah than Moshe.  You are more like Oprah than Ruth.  More like Absalom than David.

By 2006, I myself prophesied three more miraculous changes in the Torah, without any preparation beforehand. The first two occurred in order in the first few pages of everyone's printed copy of the Bible.  Nothing could have been possibly easier for you to witness and acknowledge.  Again your response has been “no response.”  How many chances did you think Hashem and I would give you?  How many end of the world scenarios that you searched for should I be expected to avert given your lack of recognition?  You all remind me of Ariel Sharon; it's like you have been in a coma all this time.

Explain to me how movies loosely based on my life, albums not-so-loosely based on my life, assassination attempts stopped by Hashem, and cartoons have helped me?  I am now essentially disabled by your recalcitrance.  You have often been told not to test the hand of Hashem, and yet it seems to me that is precisely what you are best at.

It has certainly been for the best for me that we have gone our separate ways now.  I neither expect nor want anything from any of you at all.  Did you really think the Goyim were going to help me?  They have demanded even more from me than you have!  However, they seem to understand Hashem and me much better than you ever did.


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